The easiest way to translate your website

+ translate visually and in-context

+ get search engine rankings in other languages

+ launch new language sites with a few clicks

+ no programming/IT work required

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Easy setup

Start Translating in Minutes

Set up your website translation project for FREE in minutes. Lingumania will analyze each webpage, extract and highlight all translatable text, images, buttons, dropdowns and all other page elements. Forms and shopping carts are also supported.

Translate Solo or Collaboratively

Translate by yourself or invite your colleagues and professional translators. You can also choose to order translations directly from Lingumania. Either way, you can keep track of the progress and preview translated sites at any time, even before they are launched.

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Translate visually and in context

Translate Visually

Our in-context visual editor allows translators to see right away if words in the new language will fit on your page. For faster results, previous translations are reused and any repetitive text (such as menu or footer) is automatically translated across your entire website.

Done Already?

Make a simple change to your site settings and your newly translated sites will be instantly up and running from the cloud. And with our pay-as-you-go pricing it's easy to keep adding new languages over time.

Simple setup for cloud delivery of your translated sites

Ready to go global?